8. adult training. #Carnegie



What subject should I teach to adults at night? As I looked back and evaluated my own college training, I saw that the training and experience I had had in public speaking had been of more practical value to me in business---and in life---than everything else I had studied in college all put together. Why? Because it had wiped out my timidity and lack of self-confidence and given me the courage and as-surance to deal with people. It had also made clear that leadership usually gravitates to the man who can get up and say what he thinks.




夜間の成人クラスでは、どんな課目を教えようか? 私は自分が受けた授業を思い起こし、あれこれと検討しているうちに、自分が学んだものの中で話し方訓練が仕事の上で 何よりも役立ったことに気づいた。なぜか?この訓練が私の臆病心と自信不足を吹き飛ばし、他人と接する勇気と自信を与えてくれたからだった。また、人前で自分の意見を口にできる人には自然に統率力が備わってゆくことも明らかだった。