30. Keep it on your desk. #Carnegie

優れた自己啓発書なら何にでも当てはまるアドバイスである。ただ「優れる」書籍かどうかは、結局は読んでみなければ判断は難しい。この カーネギー『道は開ける』は優れていると「私は」考える。なので紹介している。


So, if you want to get a real, lasting benefit out of this book, don't imagine that skimming through it once suffice. After reading it thoroughly, you ought to spend a few hours reviewing it every month. Keep it on your desk in front of you every day. Glance through it often. Keep constantly impressing yourself with the rich possibilities for improvement that still lie in the offing. Remember that the use of these principles can be made habitual and unconscious only by a constant and vigorous campaign of review and application. There is no other way.